Group Overview

China Gongmei Arts & Crafts Culture Corporation
Updated Time : 2014-07-31 Source : goalmark

        As a wholly-owned subsidiary of China Gongmei (Group) Corporation, China Gongmei Arts & Crafts Culture Corporation owns Ming’s Furniture, a Chinese artistic furniture brand. Pooling the wisdom of experts and masters from China Arts and Crafts Association, Imperial Palace Museum, among other state-level art institutions, the Corporation inherits the imperial traditions of furniture-making in the Ming and Qing Dynasties, creating gems of contemporary Chinese artistic furniture from rare and precious hard wood while inheriting the quintessence of furniture art in the Ming Dynasty, hence reproducing the splendor of the pearl of oriental art.

        Ming’s Furniture advocates unexaggerated luxury and pursues aristocratic elegance, featuring a well-cultured style where beauty transcends form and sophistication abodes in simplicity. 

        Ming’s Furniture is a perfect combination of sculpture and carving art, with its fineness in shape, graceful modesty and harmony between grandeur and inspiration implying the richness of traditional Chinese culture and philosophy.

        With Confucianism and Zen in its roots and imperial techniques running in its veins, Ming’s Furniture built from rosewood pursues physically wellbeing and spiritual cultivation as its ultimate goal.


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