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        The website of China Gongmei Group (hereunder referred to as “This Website”) is launched by China Gongmei (Group) Corporation (hereunder referred to as “China Gongmei Group”). Anyone accessing, browsing or using this website shall be deemed as acknowledging to have read, understood and accept this legal notice and to conform with all applicable laws and regulations.  

        China Gongmei Group reserves the right to modify, revise and update this notification at its own discretion without prior notice.

        Copyright Notice

        The copyright of any content provided by this website (including but not limited to data, texts, charts, images, recordings or videos, etc.) belongs to China Gongmei Group or relevant right holders, and shall not be replicated, reproduced, distributed, published, forwarded, edited or displayed without prior consent in writing by China Gongmei Group or relevant right holders. Meanwhile, without written consent by China Gongmei Group, no mirror site is allowed to be constructed on the server of China Gongmei Group. Any unauthorized use of this website shall constitute breaching of the Copyright Law of the People’s Republic ofChinaand other laws and regulations, as well as provisions in relevant international conventions.

        Domain Name and Trademark Notice

        The domain name of belongs to China Gongmei Group and shall not be used by any organization or individual without written authorization by China Gongmei Group.


        Protection of user privacy is a fundamental policy of China Gongmei Group, and none of your registered information on this website will be published or distributed by China Gongmei Group except for the following situations:

         1)Explicit prior consent by user;

         2)As required by relevant laws or regulations;

         3)As ruled by the court or arbitration institution, or required by other judicial procedures;

         4)As required by relevant governmental authorities;

         5)In the case where user violates the terms of use or performs such behaviors that damage the interests of China Gongmei Group.


        China Gongmei Group does not guarantee the accuracy, promptness, integrality or reliability of any content on this website, nor does it guarantee the results from using the above content. Neither China Gongmei Group nor its branches, subsidiaries, directors, employees, agents or any other representatives (hereinafter referred to as “Related Persons”) shall be liable for any error, inaccuracy or omission of the content of this website.

        China Gongmei Group or its related persons do not guarantee your access, browsing or use of this website at any time and shall not be liable for the unavailability or use error of this website or its content.

        In any circumstances, China Gongmei Group and its related persons shall not be liable for any decision made or action taken based on the content of this website as a result of entering or using this website, or any direct, indirect, punitive, or any other form of loss including business suspension, data loss or profitability loss due to entering or using this website, even if China Gongmei Group has been explicitly advised of the possibility of such loss.

        China Gongmei Group and its related persons shall not be liable for any damage to or loss of your computer system or any other software, hardware, IT system or property as a result of viruses or other harmful programs due to entering, browsing or using this website or any content downloaded from this website. 

        China Gongmei Group and its related persons shall not be liable for any damage or loss caused by acquisition of relevant password, document or content by illegal access to this website by any third party.

        Link to Other Websites

        China Gongmei Group shall not be liable for your entry into any other website via link from this website. When entering any other website, you acknowledge full understanding that such website is neither related to or within the control of China Gongmei Group. Besides, link from this website to any other website does not imply that China Gongmei Group approves or acknowledges responsibility for the content or use of such website. You are advised to enter other websites prudently to protect your computer from viruses or other harmful programs.

        Law Application and Jurisdiction

        This website and notice shall be shall be governed by the laws of the People’s Republic ofChina. In the case where amendment of such laws has caused any of the above articles to be illegal, all parties shall agree that such articles shall be revised by China Gongmei Group.