Group Overview


        The time-cherished traditions of arts and crafts inChinaare an embodiment of thousands of years of Chinese history and culture. For over 40 years since its creation, China Gongmei Group has become what it is today with strong perseverance and motivation for constant progress. Despite the changes in domestic and international economic environment and market fluctuations, we have always honored our commitment for “Integrity, Sharing, Exploration, Innovation”. The past of Gongmei Group is marked by entrepreneurship and synergy for development; its present is a chapter written with continued exploration and innovation, having conquered a privileged position in art and craft industry; while its future will be crowned with the glory of a new historical height as a leader in art & craft and cultural industry.

        China Gongmei Group aims at further development in strength, scale and quality and strives forward along the line of transformation and development. At present, we have formed an art & craft industrial chain integrating in-house R&D, design, manufacturing and chain business while playing a dynamic role in the construction of art & craft cultural park, hence building a brand image of China Gongmei with rich cultural deposits.

        Humanity-oriented, we shall fulfill more social responsibilities and honor our motto of Integrity, Innovation, Harmony, Win-Win, pursuing for ambitious development in arts and crafts with a down-to-earth attitude and the readiness to seize every opportunity. We are confident in the future of China Gongmei Group marked by the courage to face challenges, winning one success after another!